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Organic Freeze-Dried Acerola Powder


Acerola is also known as Barbados cherry and is a small fruit, sour in taste and reddish in color. The fruit is native to Central and South America but is now outsourced to all over the world due to its amazing health benefits. It resembles the common cherry but has a delicious acidic flavor that makes it taste a little sour.

Botanical Name:

Malpighia Emarginata

Other names:

Barbados Cherry, Antilles Cherry, West Indian Cherry, Wild Crape Myrtle, Puerto Rican Cherry

Rich source of vitamin C:

The fruit is famous for its rich Vitamin C content. Though it contains other vitamins too like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 as well as multiple riboflavins and carotenoids. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which combats the free radicals in the body. These free radicals are harmful to body’s normal cell growth and may harm the tissues as well. Some people use Ascorbic Acid supplements to fulfill their vitamin C requirements but to their surprise or they may be unaware of the fact that our body absorbs naturally produced vitamin C way more than the synthetic ascorbic acid. You can use this organically harvested, freeze-dried acerola powder as a natural source of vitamin C as it is enriched with this natural vitamin that is not only an antioxidant but plays various functions in your body you might be unaware supports a number of functions in various parts of the body such as:

  • Gives an extra shine and smoothness to your skin
  • Makes your teeth strong
  • Empowers your nerves and establish an active nervous system
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Supports your cartilage
  • Make the bones stronger and strengthen your body
  • Keep the blood vessels dilated and thus regulate your blood pressure
  • Activates the brain
  • Keeps immune system working during and after an exercise
  • Helps in absorption of iron which is an essential element of hemoglobin
  • Regulates the energy and keep the body active

Isn’t the benefits of only vitamin C amazing to keep you out of hundreds of diseases? Our acerola powder is pure and rich in quality to give you a boost of vitamin C every day. You might forget to eat citrus fruits every day or they may be unavailable in the season then a tablespoon of our acerola powder is enough to fulfill your nutrient requirements every day.

Other accessory nutrients in our Organic Raw Acerola Powder:

Acerola cherry powder is not only rich in vitamin C, but various other nutrients are also found in our amazing product. Yet it is somehow a complete pack, rich in all healthy nutrients that every one of us needs on daily basis. Nature has enriched this fruit and we brought it to you in a compact sealing in the form of acerola powder which is easy to consume and available all 365 days of the year. Well, the other nutrients are as follow:

  • Proteins
  • Anthocyanins including Pelargonidin, Cyanidin
  • Lipids such as EPA, DPA, DHA
  • Vitamins such as Thiamin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin A RAE, Retinol etc.
  • Flavonols such as Quercetin, Myricetin, Kaempferol
  • Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Copper, Zinc

Well, all these nutrients combine and support tissue regeneration, a healthy immune response, tissue mutations, stress response, new collagen growth, healthy cell response, healthy lipid levels, blood pressure and heal all the wounds, bruises, burns as well.

Taste, Smell, and Texture:

Our certified, organic and finely harvested acerola powder is freeze-dried and retain all the natural and essential nutrients of the fruit. The flavor is original just like the acerola cherry, and the texture is excellent. This powder is the secondary form of original fruit and an excellent source of vitamin C. This organic acerola powder is 100% original and free of any additives, colors, binders, fillers, or any sort of preservatives. We care about the quality and your health as well.

How to use?

Mix 1 tablespoon of acerola cherry in water, juice or any drink of your choice. You can either add it to your daily diet smoothies as flavor enhancers. You may also sprinkle it on your food and desserts as well. A tablespoon a day will keep you healthy and active no matter how hectic it is going.

How to keep its freshness?

Our acerola powder comes in airtight and sealed bags which keep it from external moisture and humidity. You need to seal it back as soon as you take out the required quantity. Moreover, keep it away from sunlight or heat and rather keep the bag in dark refrigerator. It must be used with care to keep the quality as long as you use it.

We try our best to deliver the fresh and best quality nutrition to our all customers and we don’t compromise on the quality of product either on the health of our people. Our organic acerola powder is minimally processed and highly effective for all age groups. You can order in bulk or simply a bag to try before you add it to your daily routine. And you will see the amazing effects of our fresh Acerola cherry powder. In order to preserve the maximum potency of our products uses it the way as described above. In case you find any query regarding the delivery or anything you need to ask regarding the usage you can call our customer care center to resolve your problem. We take pleasure in approaching you with all your queries and delivering you the best acerola cherry powder product right at your doorsteps all over the world. From harvesting to delivery, we take care of all important processes to deliver you this nutritious superfood which you can either take as a supplement or an extra flavor in your everyday food. Just enjoy our product and give us feedback on our website to let us know how we are doing and how may we serve you further with our amazing, top quality products.

Top Littmann stethoscopes and their basic features

If you like Littmann stethoscopes, you will need also to learn about its models and series before you decide to choose the one that will work better for you. When you visit Littmann at, you will be able to view all the features and differences that exist in Littmann electronics.

Littman Electronic 3200: it has unrivalled acoustic performance of 24x magnification with 85 percent of the noise reduction for friction and ambient noise. You can record the findings and you can share them at once using a Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Littmann Electronic 3100 offers the same acoustic performance of its superior model 3200. It offers 24 x magnifications with the reduction of noise at 85 percent. However, it does not offer auscultations recording and it does not have a wireless connectivity.

Littmann Master Cardiology: the stethoscope features a tunable dual frequency diaphragm and two parallel sound conduits meant to reduce ambient noise with friction. There are olives with the snap tight soft sealing technology. The model is relying more on combination of different features and it turns it into a powerful tool which has no equal.

Littmann Cardiology STC: this is a simpler version for Master Cardiology. Even if the two are identical in their features, the chestpiece of this one is made using Soft Touch Plastic. With this feature, the stethoscope is easy to handle while it offers a secure grip. However, it will not affect acoustic performance of the stethoscope.

Littmann Cardiology IV: this is most perfect and advanced version of a reliable and classic stethoscope. It does follow the Littman lines of a double sided chestpiece for adult and pediatric use. In addition of this, it relies on the improved acoustic and it allows capturing the high frequency sound. The two diaphragms may be tunable and they have dual lumen tubing that reduces friction and ambient noise.

Littmann Cardiology III: the model is in the medium range but it is the same as the big brother Cardiology IV. However, it is not perfect and it does not offer the same level of acoustic performance. However, it is the best tool to use for diagnostic reasons. It is among the best sellers stethoscope from Littmann. The reason for this, is because it has dual sided chestpiece and it is suitable for pediatric and adult use, a dual lumen tubing that reduces unwanted noise and a dual frequency diaphragm.

Littmann Master Classic II: This is a simple version to Master Cardiology and their design is the same. It is made with ergonomic design and it permits best acoustic performance. The diaphragms of the dual sided chestpiece can be tunable. Besides, the chestpeice of a pediatric side may be turned into a classic open bell to replace its diaphragm but with non-chill rim.

Littmann classic II: this is the cheapest and simplest stethoscope. It is also the best seller in all Littmann stethoscopes. It is bought by people who want a starter model, students and new workers. The chestpiece uses a traditional open bell and it has a tunable double frequency diaphragm.

Other Littmann models you can learn about at Littmann at, are Littmann Classic II Pediatric Infant, Littmann select and Littmann Lightweight II.