How to choose a chainsaw – guide 2017

Are you thinking about fixing the garden? Would you like to cut down those annoying branches of your trees? Do you need to make firewood for winter? Then you have to buy a chainsaw. But what chainsaw to buy, see In this article, we will help you choose the chainsaw that best suits your needs, and for that we will analyze the main brands of the market, taking into account their main characteristics and, of course, the prices of more attractive chainsaws. So you do not miss a single cut. Watch out more at

What chainsaw to buy

Before starting to analyze the different models that we are going to find in the market it is very important to have some basic notions of how a chainsaw works and the parts that compose it. In this way, even if you have never used a chainsaw before, you can quickly become familiar with the use of these important tools.

Components of a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a machine dedicated to cutting, chopping and chopping wood and trees. Its operation is based on a motor, or gasoline or electric, that transmits circular movement to a toothed chain located on a metal support. This set is known as the sword of the chainsaw and is responsible for making the cuts in the wood.

Type of chainsaws according to your motor

The main characteristic that differentiates a chainsaw from another is the type of engine they possess. Depending on the type of motor that has a chainsaw we can distinguish three types: electric chainsaws, battery saws, and gasoline chainsaws. Each type of chainsaw is indicated for a particular type of work, so choosing the motor of our chainsaw is a very important decision.

Electric chainsaws: These are chainsaws powered by an electric motor constantly connected to the electric current. They are the simplest type of chainsaws and easy to use since they do not need much maintenance. They usually consist of a sword between 35 and 40 cm in diameter and are very effective at cutting softwoods up to 20 centimeters in diameter. Therefore, its main use is usually in domestic gardening tasks, such as cutting hedges or small fruit trees.

Battery chainsaws: Inside the chainsaws that work with electric power have appeared in recent years machines that have a built-in lithium battery. The main advantage of these against the classic electric chainsaws is its autonomy and its manageability in the cut, because thanks to its battery we can make cuts without having a power source nearby. However, battery-powered chainsaws are less powerful machines and rely heavily on battery life. They are ideal for cutting soft woods up to 15 centimeters in diameter and are designed to perform pruning work at height or cuts that require greater flexibility.

Petrol Chainsaws: These are the most powerful chainsaws on the market since their engine runs on fuel. This type of machine requires a major maintenance since they need a constant supervision of their greased one, nevertheless they offer the power of cut much greater than one of electric saws or of a battery. This type of machines are also known as professional chainsaws since they are capable of cutting thick and hardwoods, and are indicated for intensive daily work.

Factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw: is the right place to check your reviews.


The wood that we are going to cut and the frequency of use that we are going to give to our chainsaw are very important. It is not the same to make a cut of soft and thin woods in our garden that cut a tree or to use a chainsaw in a professional way. Therefore, before choosing which chainsaw to buy, we must analyze the use we are going to make and the type of cuts we are going to make, choosing a chainsaw that is powerful enough and with the sword long enough to make the cuts we are looking for. For example, it is advisable to buy an electric chainsaw if its frequency of use is short, such as small jobs in the garden. If, on the other hand, we need a professional chainsaw to use it in our work, for example, if we cut down many trees, it is better to buy a gasoline chainsaw with more power for all intensive work.


The length of the sword is another important decision factor. According to the length of the sword that our chainsaw has, so willed the size of the cuts and the trees that we can cut down. A larger sword offers us the possibility of cutting larger trees, but at the same time it is less manageable. On the contrary, shorter swords do not work for large trees but they weigh less and reach those branches inaccessible to large swords.


The weight of our chainsaw must also be taken into account. Normally gasoline saws are usually heavy and unwieldy if we are not used to working with chainsaws. On the contrary, battery or electric chainsaws are much lighter and allow us to work with them more easily and easily. The most important thing is to feel safe and comfortable driving the chainsaw.


Obviously, one of the aspects to take into account when buying a chainsaw is its price. This type of tools usually supposes an important investment and depending on our budget we can afford a type of chainsaw or another. As a rule, cheap chainsaws are usually electric. This does not mean they are less powerful, as demonstrated by the Einhell RG-EC 2240 MG, the best electric chainsaw on the market and one of the cheapest we wrote about a while ago. On the other hand, gasoline chainsaws and battery saws tend to have a slightly higher price, since they consist of more expensive components, although they are also intended for more delicate and professional jobs. If you are looking for a chainsaw that suits your needs and with a reasonable price, here is a list of the best valued machines on the market you must see