Carpet cleaning services

YOUR FLOOR ALLOWS EXPRESSION. YOUR CARPET CAN MAKE A PRINT. But what if the embellishments or prints on your rug are barely recognizable due to wear and tear? Mainly cleaning carpets and upholstery means washing or dissolving dirt. In order to achieve better results, we use an extraction procedure that makes it possible to remove the dirt from the fabric directly after being dislodged or dissolved.

We have been in this carpet cleaning business for 36 years. No matter what type of carpet or rug, whether Persian, lambskin, or “unique” synthetic, we clean and repair historic carpets as well as you’re most prized upholstered furniture. If you do not want to step over your living room floor, then trust us. Let’s pamper it until the fabric is bright and colorful again, like that, making it look like a real grand entrance.

At Phoenix cleaner upholstery we are experts in carpet cleaning. After 100 years in the sector, we have perfected our techniques in order to obtain better results without damaging the fabric. Upholstered furniture in the home is very common and tends to get dirty quite easily: sofas, chairs, chairs, etc., deserve constant attention at the time of cleaning, since we use them with more assiduity than auxiliary furniture, for example.

To clean the upholstery manually, we will use the example of cleaning a sofa:

  • First, we have to vacuum the entire surface, completely: backs, seats, and housing of the sofa.
  • Prepare a mixture of water and ammonia to pass through the entire surface.
  • With this solution we moisten a clean cloth and rub the different part of the sofa neatly, first the casing, then the backrests and the seats.
  • Once we have acted all over the surface, you should let it dry completely and do not use the sofa until it is completely dry.

Some parts of the sofa are usually dirtier than others such as the areas on which the headrests and on the armrests. Thus, in those areas we will have had to act more and, consequently, they will have absorbed more water.

IMPORTANT: We advise never to draw the backs and seats since, depending on several factors such as the type of fabric, program of the washing machine, etc., the fabric may shrink. The color can also vary with respect to the casing when both are passed through two different washing processes.

If you are looking for a professional method, for carpet cleaning, we can help you with our injection-extraction machines. An operator of our company will go to your home on the agreed day and time and will perform the cleaning for you. With our washing method, the colors revive and the upholstery looks as good as new. Do not hesitate to contact us for carpet cleaning services. Our rates are adapted to your needs.

Why is carpet cleaning important?

The carpets should always be kept clean and never be kept wet or dirty because in this way they can become victims of molds or moths. For this reason, we recommend carrying out carpeting, dust or deep cleaning once a year, depending on the dirt.

The first thing we do when we receive a call from a client for a carpet cleaning is to agree on a date to be able to make the collection, which is totally free. Once we have it, we proceed to our cleaning process where we eliminate all accumulated dirt. Once clean, we proceed to the delivery at the home of the carpet.

The carpet cleaning process:

  • Brushed
  • Soft aspiration
  • Pre-treatment of stains with neutral products
  • Manual cleaning. Manual in cold water with suitable products
  • Dried with blotting paper
  • Help with mechanical ventilation at the proper temperature of each fiber
  • Dry cleaning with neutral products to eliminate more internal dirt that predisposes to the development of the moth
  • Anti-dust treatment,

In Phoenix cleaner upholstery we clean from national carpets and all kinds of oriental rugs. We offer our clients the best service in the carpet and pencil sector. This is backed by more than 100 years of experience that we have been working on. Your carpet cleaning is as new with the technical cleaning program. The technical cleaning program made with state-of-the-art equipment, not only cleans and recovers the original appearance of the upholstery, also eliminates germs and bacteria.

The thorough and periodic cleaning of your upholstery guarantees a longer life and ensures a healthy environment for you and your family. All the products that we use for our cleanings are eco-friendly. Our cleaning and maintenance techniques improve any offer, ask us for a quote without obligation!

How we clean the upholstery and eliminate bacteria

Natural fibers and technical fabrics:

The fabric upholstery is cleaned by the injection-extraction system. The equipment emits a vapor that releases the dirt from the fibers. At the same time, another mechanism absorbs this dirt and transports it to a sealed tank. The result is a thorough cleaning and no dust or humidity in the work area.

Natural skin:

All the treatment is done by hand. First, the dust and dirt are carefully removed with a skin foam wash. Finally, a protective layer is applied that revitalizes and enhances the texture and natural shine of the material.

Disinfection and elimination of cares and other germs, you do not see them but they are there. They are the cars and other germs responsible for many allergies, stings, and infections. The thorough cleaning of your tapestry removes them.

Maintenance program for Carpet cleaning:

To prolong the useful life of your upholstery, it is convenient to establish a cleaning maintenance program. It will prevent the dirt from deteriorating due to the penetration of aggressive agents into fibers and dyes. If you want more information about this service, contact us at phoenix cleaner upholstery. Our specialists will contact you. In addition, the collection of the carpet is free. Do not wait any longer and try our carpet cleaning service. We assure to offer the Carpet cleaning services!